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What You Need To Know Before Starting Your Talent Acquisition Journey
By Runway Team
July 31st, 2023
In the highly competitive world of startups, one thing is crystal clear – those who swiftly acquire exceptional talent at an affordable rate are the ones most likely to dominate their industries. At Runway, we firmly believe in this principle and have built a platform centered around connecting startups and medium-sized businesses like yours with top-performing college students from only the most prestigious universities.

Finding talented individuals who possess not only raw, state-of-the art skills needed for your individual project but also drive and ambition can be quite a challenge. That's why our vetting process focuses on sourcing students exclusively from universities with acceptance rates of 20% or less. By doing so, we ensure that your startup gains access to the most concentrated pool of the highest-quality candidates who are equipped to make an impact right away.

Imagine having interns from renowned institutions such as Stanford or MIT working alongside you, bringing fresh perspectives and state-of-the-art knowledge about software development, engineering disciplines, graphic design principles — even business strategies! All it takes is one connection through us here at Runway to unlock these incredible opportunities without wasting valuable time trawling through job boards or getting lost amidst bureaucratic career centers.

Let’s talk engagement models - our approach revolves around flexibility while ensuring mutual benefits for both parties involved. As independent contractors ourselves (and proud veterans utilizing top tier intern talent), we understand that every penny counts when building your empire. That's why our pricing structure operates on a fair 20% placement fee basis—designed to keep small businesses' budgets intact despite capital constraints faced during series A/B/C raises!

At Runway, success comes hand-in-hand with convenience—all aimed towards making life easier, more effective and more streamlined for ambitious visionaries like yourself. We know firsthand how overwhelming running a company can feel – overworked doesn't even begin to cover it! So let us take some weight off your shoulders by introducing you directly into the only talent pool teeming with the brightest and more brilliant young minds eager to contribute their expertise within reach locally.

Our goal? To create a seamless platform giving startups to medium-sized businesses the opportunity to engage with vetted, top performing students and new grads from top schools, year round - all at an affordable rate. Join us on this exciting journey; together we'll build something extraordinary! Are you ready to take off with Runway? Take charge today - invest wisely & watch as your dreams take flight!
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