Quickly Hire
Vetted Business & Engineering Students

Runway is an exclusive network of the top university students in business development and engineering. Hire in as little as 48 hours.


Hiring quality university students is hard.

We Make it Easy.

Your one-stop-shop for identifying, vetting and onboarding top university students in 48 hours.

GPT Skills Assessment

All Students complete a skill assessment created with GPT4. Their results are graded by GPT4 to give the business an understanding of their skill level.

Personality Assessment

All students complete a personality assessment created specifically for their skill type. This gives the business insight into their work-style pre-project.

Easy Intern Managment

Easily schedule interviews with candidates, track intern timesheets and pay out students seamlessly with Stripe.

Matching Algorithm

Our proprietary matching algorithm identifies the top 3 students specifically for your project submission within seconds from it's submission.

How it Works

1. List your Project
15 min
2. Interview & Identify Candidates
12-48 Hours
3. Start Project & Manage Intern

Best Types of Projects for Our Students.


Business Development

Hire emerging talent to do sales grunt work so your team can focus on your hottest prospects:

  • Cold Calling, Cold Emailing, LinkedIn Outreach, Hubspot.
  • Average Rate: $25/hr


Hire emerging talent to do data grunt work so your team can prioritize bigger ticket items:

  • Software development, Data Analytics, Mechanical & Electrical.
  • Average Rate: $30/hr

Our Passenger Testimonials

Discover what our clients have to say about Runway. They've experienced firsthand the transformative power of our platform.

"I posted the job on a Thursday and had an intern in the office that Monday. This is not what I was used to with other job sites. I was blown away."

Mike Glass
CEO, BoxLock

"I didn't know what to expect, it's a college student. I went in with low expectations, but what came out was a hungry, ambitious student who came in delivered early on our timeline."

Ryland Chapman
CEO, The Photo Booth Company

"it's super easy and cost effective as you know, you do have to put  up something on the website, but it's not like putting up a full application and worrying about normal HR obligations or anything like that. So it really makes it fast and seamless."

Doug Gallagher
CEO, Gallagher & Mohan

"Runway is a great opportunity for students to be exposed to multiple industries without them having to devote an entire semester to something that might not be the right fit"

Alex Stewart
CEO, Ladder

"it wasn't a long process. It was within a week we had candidate chosen and ready to start the project. It was a tight deadline from when the project was started and Runway delivered in a way that helped us make that deadline."

Nick Bernardini
CEO, iXperience
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