How to Hire Georgia Tech Students

Internships serve as a vital steppingstone for students, bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world experience.


Internships serve as a vital steppingstone for students, bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world experience. For companies, they provide an opportunity to integrate fresh, innovative talent into their workforce. Georgia Tech, known for its strong programs in both STEM and business, produces students who excel in diverse fields, making them ideal candidates for internships and full-time roles. This blog explores how to effectively engage Georgia Tech students for internships, with a nod to the potential for transitioning them into full-time positions.

The Value of Georgia Tech Students

Broad Expertise: Students from Georgia Tech bring more than just technical proficiency; they are also well-versed in business principles, equipped with skills in leadership, strategic thinking, and entrepreneurship.
Innovation Across Fields: Known for fostering a culture of innovation, Georgia Tech encourages students to develop problem-solving abilities that are valuable in technical, business, and interdisciplinary roles.
Adaptability in Various Roles: Exposure to diverse academic projects makes these students adaptable and effective in a range of internship and professional settings, from technical roles to business strategy.

Options to Hire Georgia Tech Students

CareerBuzz: A Gateway to Georgia Tech Talent

Introduction: CareerBuzz is Georgia Tech's dedicated job board, connecting students directly with internship and full-time opportunities.
Why CareerBuzz for Internships: While CareerBuzz provides direct access to Georgia Tech students, it's important to recognize that its reach may vary among the student body, with most students exploring other platforms.
Getting Started: Employers can register to post internship and full-time opportunities, keeping in mind the platform's specific reach and student audience.

Handshake: Targeting Computer Science Students

Introduction: Handshake is only partnered with Georgia Tech’s College of Computing, making it a targeted tool for finding interns and full-time candidates in computing fields only.
Why Handshake: Handshake’s partnership with the college of computing at Georgia Tech makes it a focused channel for recruiting Georgia Tech students in this field. However, it isn’t as effective for other disciplines and a lot of the top students explore other options.
Getting Started: Create a detailed employer profile and list your internship and full-time offerings to attract computing students from Georgia Tech.

Referral Networks: Personalized Recruitment

Introduction: Leveraging your professional and personal networks can be an effective way to find candidates.
Why Referrals: Referrals can lead to highly engaged and suitable interns, but they may limit the diversity of your applicant pool if used exclusively.
Getting Started: Engage with your networks, including Georgia Tech alumni, to find potential candidates.

Runway: Matching Ideal Talent for Internships & Full-Time

Introduction: Runway is an innovative platform that uses AI to match employers with the most suitable student interns and full-time employees, based on skills, experiences, and company culture.
Why Runway for Internships: Runway is ideal for finding Georgia Tech students for both short-term projects and longer-term internships. Its AI-driven approach ensures a match that benefits both the company and the candidate.
Getting Started: Register on Runway, define your internship requirements, and let our AI system match you with the best Georgia Tech talent for your needs.


Engaging with Georgia Tech students for internships offers a unique opportunity for companies to benefit from their wide-ranging skills and innovative mindsets. While the focus here is on internships, the potential for these talented individuals to transition into full-time roles, in both technical and business capacities, is an avenue worth exploring. Platforms like CareerBuzz, Handshake, referral networks, and Runway provide versatile pathways to connect with these students for both immediate and future talent needs.

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