The 3 Biggest Talent Acquisition Mistakes Startups Are Making in 2023

If you're a visionary, startup founder who is tirelessly building your business and balancing on the thin tightrope between success and failure, we get you.

If you're a visionary, startup founder who is tirelessly building your business and balancing on the thin tightrope between success and failure, we get you. You've got big dreams and limited time to make them happen. Every decision you make can either propel your business to new heights or send it crashing down. One crucial aspect that often determines which way the wind blows is top-tier talent acquisition to help grow your business rapidly without breaking the bank.

In 2023, startups are facing unprecedented challenges in finding top-tier talent for their teams. While there's no shortage of mistakes being made along the way, some pitfalls have proven particularly treacherous.

Mistake #1: Job Fair Frenzy on a Shoestring Budget
  • When it comes to talent acquisition, startups often make the mistake of attending job fairs they simply can't afford. Frankly, shelling out precious capital on expensive event booths and swag might seem like a good idea for exposure, but in reality, it's more champagne wishes than dollar bill realities. As an ambitious entrepreneur short on resources, spending valuable hours sifting through countless, unvetted, unqualified resumes doesn't align with success or scalability.
  • Your Action Item To Avoid Mistake #1: Stop attending job fairs and instead acquire interns from the talent pool of the pros with vetted students and new grads from only the top universities in the nation.

  • Mistake #2: College Job Boards with Low-Quality Returns
  • Posting your openings to college job boards may initially sound like an efficient strategy—but here's the truth bomb: there is no targeting or vetting available, such as an AI Matching Algorithm or a Skill-Based Personality Assessment. Also, in reality, your shining opportunity will probably be lost amidst cluttered bulletin boards among the hundreds of other companies vying for attention. If you do get oh-so-lucky enough to land some applications, you'll likely end up swimming through a sea of underperforming, unqualified interns that will cost you more than you want to pay in training hours and capital. Hours spent sifting through resumes could be better invested elsewhere – remember, time is money! Don’t let this mistake rob your business of moving strides forward this week.
  • Your Action Item To Avoid Mistake #2: Use less than half the time you’d spend posting to a college job board to sign up for Runway so you can get access to our prestigious talent pool, where we will vet candidates from only the top universities in the nation via our proprietary AI Matching Algorithm and our Skill-Based Personality Assessment. In seconds we’ll deliver only the top 3 candidates so you can be sure you’re getting the best intern available in the United States for your project. Use the other half of the time you’ll be saving to devote to more important things in your business.

  • Mistake #3:
    The DIY Delusion
  • The DIY Mistake is more damaging than all others combined. Topping our list as the absolute worst mistake is attempting everything alone; forging ahead into unfamiliar waters rather than seeking expert guidance when it matters most. Thinking you can handle talent acquisition yourself may seem appealing when funds run low – after all; nobody knows your company culture better than you do! However noble this notion may be though startups and small businesses risk missing out entirely on exceptional matches who bring valuable expertise from prestigious institutions as they just don’t have the exposure to top tier students as the pros. What makes matters worse is they’re losing time they could be focusing on other areas of their business that require their personal expertise. Don’t be the startup or small business making this mistake!
  • Your Action Item To Avoid Mistake #3: Don’t do it yourself. Just refuse to. Let the pros here at Runway help your business take off by supplying you with the three most qualified interns in the entire nation, from top tier universities, in a matter of seconds, so you can get on to the important stuff.

  • Startup life demands resilience but don't let avoidable mistakes threaten your journey to the top. Remember that job fairs will never be worth the budget, college job boards will only lend low quality returns (if any at all), and the idea that you should focus on such a mundane task as recruiting while putting the rest of your company on hold is a delusion. When seeking talent well worth the investment, be sure to explore smarter, more efficient avenues such as Runway. We are designed exclusively for discovering top-tier college students majoring in engineering, software development, business or graphic design from esteemed schools boasting acceptance rates below 20%. Let us do the heavy lifting for you so you can see your business soar to new heights!

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